Slot games have since long become synonymous to casinos, both offline and the more recent online ones and understandably so since these offer great thrills for avid gamers. Knowing how crazy patrons are with respect to slots, many online casinos like the casino UK and others today have come up with a new variant namely, the progressive slots. Although the basic gaming tactic is similar to that in the regular slots, there are some differences between the two that make the progressive slots that much more entertaining and earning. If you are a die-hard fan of slot machines and cannot stay away from one when you see on the internet or in some regular casino, you must try your hand at the progressive slots. Here are some tips to playing this new slot invention that will surely help you excel in the game. How to Play and Excel in Progressive Slot Games As stated earlier, progressive slot gaming technique takes off from the more traditional slot games. However, the big difference lies in the fact that the former has a progressive jackpot. This means that the jackpot that starts with a fixed amount grows with each bet placed. The game itself is designed so that a part of the amount betted is shunted off to contribute to the jackpot amount. In an offline casino, where the gaming network is limited to the brick and mortar building, there is a limited amount that gets added with each bet placed that depends on the number of players playing at the moment in the casino. On the other hand, in an online casino, where there are no geographical boundaries, the playing network becomes extremely wide. As a result, each time players playing at a networked online casino from anywhere in world place a bet, effectively they would be contributing to the total jackpot. This gives you an understanding of how many times the jackpot amount multiplies and what riches are there for you to uncover should you win a game! Such a progressive slot is called as an integrated bet slot since the bet amount is integrated into the jackpot. There is also another type of betting on a progressive slot that is termed as the standalone bet in which players need to bet separately. Although this allows more flexibility for online casinos and gives players a chance to play a side game, usually you will have to spend more money to win handsomely. When it comes to playing the progressive slot treasure trove, there are some simple rules to abide by. Essentially, the slot game consists of a fixed set of reels and paylines, symbols that are based on the theme of the game and a wild symbol that can substitute for any other symbol to give you a winning combination. There is also a scatter symbol that triggers free spins that increases your chances of winning big. The crux of playing progressive slots for triumphant wins is to get the required number of the logos or symbols on an active payline. For this, you must always remember to bet as many coins as you can, preferably, the maximum allowed. If you are playing an integrated progressive jackpot, betting the maximum number of coins gives you the greatest opportunity to win. Another money-making chance that the online progressive slot casinos give you is via their cash-back bonuses. When you are playing this game, remember to make good use of this bonus as with it even if you do not hit the jackpot, you will at least get certain percent cash back on your bets. What better way to earn mammoth moolahs even as you are making merry on an online casino UK playing the progressive slots!