Your Choices in Slots

The slots is considered to be the most popular game in the casino. People love to play this game everywhere in the world . A casino is not complete without the slot machines. The slot is so appealing to casino goers because it is a simple game of chance. Like in bingo and roulette, no skills are required in playing this game yet, it gives large payouts for winners. Added to this is there is always the probability of hitting the jackpot, which makes this game more thrilling.

Today, new type of slots are being introduced online. Many websites offer different type of slot machines that can be played through the internet. The three reel slot is one of the type of slots that is becoming a favorite online. This type is an adaptation of the then original standard slot machine. The three reel slot is the simplest type of slot, because it has a one to three paylines, where of course the three symbols have to hit to win. It is also the cheapest type of slot to play with, because you can bet with only a single coin and the maximum bet is up to three coins on its three reels, though it has big payouts.

Another type of slot which is more complicated is the five reel slots. The five reel slots is adapted from the three reel type only it has five paylines. The maximum bet for this slot machine are five coins. There are five paylines that criss-cross the window and gives many kinds of ways in winning. The five reel slot is more expensive to play, but gives larger payouts and has more chances of winning for jackpot.

For you to have a maximum wins in slot machine, it is best that you bet in maximum number of coins also. This is more especially so if you are playing with the multi-line type of slot machine. It is adisable that you play one coin at every lines you like, as this slot machine offers great betting . With this kind of slot, you have a wide variety of lines to bet on and you can have more than one coin for every line that you will put your bet. Playing in multi-line slots is so comfortable and much more exciting with a lot chance to win.

Buy a pays is another type of slot machine. In this kind of slot, playing could be best achieved by having a maximum bet. This is due to the fact that the additional purchased of coins will increase in its payback and also the frequency of hit becomes higher, and this may give you great winnings.

These are just some of the new types of slots that are being played online. We shall discuss some more of this in our next article