Roulette game began in the 18th century. It is based upon a wheel-type invention of a noted person named Dr. Blaise Pascal. It has an easy to understand set up. The popularity of roulette quickly increased at European casinos. It did not end up like a fad or it did not disappear quietly from gambling houses. The early ages of global trading brought this game to United States of America. It ended up being loved by several gamblers in US as well as all over the world. Roulette online is similar to the physical roulette. The core component of the roulette table includes its betting board and a signature wheel. A Look at the Growing Popularity of Roulette Near the middle of roulette’s signature wheel there are 36 black and red slots labeled from 1 up to 36.  There are two or one green slots that are reserved for zero(s). European roulette uses just one single slot for zero. The numbers happen to be set in random. Whereas in the American roulette, its wheel consists of double and single zero slots. The numbers also are arranged in opposite pairs of one another. The board used by players to put their stakes comprises of labeled space for outer and inner bets. The outer bets are placed at the space representing the number on the wheel. Generally, these spaces are generally surrounded at their three sides with aptly called outside bets such as odd, even, black, red, 19-36, 1-18, columns and dozens being placed. Playing the roulette is very simple. Players first need to purchase unique colored chips through a dealer. The chips may not or may have monetary value. They are utilized as bets instead of actual cash. Players can bet up to the limit that a casino permits. They may change their stake as per their wish. When you get your chips and spot at the roulette table, you can begin placing bets at the board. There are two varying kinds of bets. They are called inside bets and outside bets. The former gets represented by green zero slot and red as well as black ones that are numbered 1 to 36. They are all arranged neatly at the center of the roulette board. They are surrounded by outside bets that are inclusive of those for black, red odd and even numbers. It also includes those for some ranges, like the numbers 1-18, 19-36, columns and dozens. Generally, the outside bets are easy to win. However, they pay a lot less compared to the hard to win inside bet. Thus they are exploited by the roulette systems. They are recommended to people wanting to make profits. When the dealer calls out, “Stop anymore bets”, wagering of the roulette is stopped immediately. After this the dealer spins the wheel. The ball gets rolled along the track next to the rim. Then, the players only need to wish that this ball lands at the slot they have placed bets on. There are 37 to 38 numbered slot on the wheel on which this ball can possibly land. The players bet on these slots at the roulette board. The winning bet is determined by where the ball lands. The American roulette happens to be straightforward. The European roulette and French roulette have certain extra rules. The rules are incurred when the ball comes to a zero after a spin. Once this condition gets satisfied, a player can be asked to place his bet “En Prison”, or allow his full bet to stay on the table waiting for the forthcoming spins. Else, a player can wish to put to practice the “La Partage” rule. Here he is allowed to recover half of his losing bets. Definitely roulette is an easy game. Once you join in and have put your bets, you will surely get the thrill which has brought many people to the wonderful roulette online game.