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Playing at a casino online can indeed be a rewarding experience. While it is possible to win good money with the game, there are special bonuses to enhance your winning experience. Bonuses offered are of different kinds and can vary depending upon the casino. Nevertheless, they can benefit players with different skill levels. Types of online bonuses Online bonus is one of the greatest reasons for players to opt for online casinos. While perks offered by conventional casinos cannot fit into internet gaming, online bonuses have become one of the effective means to attract prospective customers. Now, what are the different bonuses offered by a casino online? Firstly, there is the welcome bonus. As the name implies, a welcome bonus is one that is given out to welcome players to the online casino. Also known as sign-up bonuses, they are one of the ways to attract more customers and have them try the online casino in question. Today, there are numerous online casinos in the market. Hence it is important that the welcome bonus be generous and offer simple terms for trying out the casino. Welcome bonuses in turn are divided into a no-deposit and match bonuses. With match bonus, the casino first matches your first deposit to a specific percentage. Generally, this is offered up to a certain sum.

For instance, an online casino offering 100% match bonus for up to $100 will have the player to make an initial deposit of $100. The player will then be automatically rewarded with additional $100 that can be spent on other gaming sessions. With no-deposit bonus, players will not be required to make any deposits during the registration. Instead, they are free to start their gaming session with automatically awarded credit points. This is a very lucrative deal and is not offered by all online casinos. Once the players use welcome bonus and try out a particular online casino, the casinos look for the probability of their extended association. In order to ensure continued association of players, online casinos offer monthly bonuses. They are also called as reload bonuses and are awarded when the players choose to reload their online casino accounts. These bonuses are awarded monthly, on percentage basis. For instance, a customer might be offered 30% of the amount spent on funding his/her account as a monthly bonus. Next, we have the high-roller bonus.

It is obvious that casinos wish to retain those customers who invest large amounts for the purpose of online gaming. These players are known as high rollers and are rewarded with extra bonuses for playing and depositing at online casinos. They also enjoy VIP clubs, special promotions and other such perks. Reputable online casinos offer different payment methods for the players to deposit or withdraw funds. Few online casinos wish to promote a particular payment method and hence offer payment method bonuses. These bonuses are awarded to encourage the players to use their preferred payment mode. Online casinos offer non-cash bonuses as well. Also known as sticky bonus, they permit a player to place any number of bets during the game. This way, the players are given multiple playing chances that in turn offer greater winning possibilities. Lofty bonuses are offered to those casino lovers or players who are regular visitors to the casino. More often, these players are well experienced and will have acquired a high status in the game. Higher the status, larger is the bonus awarded. Referral bonus is awarded the existing customers for bringing in new clients. Generally, referral bonus is given out as a percentage of initial deposits made by the new customer. Nevertheless, it is important to have good understanding on wagering requirements and other bonus terms before availing. Loyalty bonuses offered by a casino online can be in the form of special purchase bonus or players’ club bonus. The players’ club bonus involves points collection based on the bets placed during the game. Special purchase bonus is offered to players who have already deposited an amount with the casino. This can be in the form of percentage bonus, no-deposit bonus or match bonus.

REAL MONEY SLOT BONUS After a while, every experienced gamer becomes tired of playing with fake money. When the virtual coins are not enough, it’s time to graduate to the new trend of the online casino, namely the ability to win real money on slot machines. Now players can make wagers with actual money and have a chance to win a jackpot of actual cash. All casinos online are promoting this trend with different promotional offers to entice the new gamers to win some money. This article discusses some of the bonuses that casinos offer for players as they test their gaming luck. Most casinos will have the Welcome Bonus which is open only to first time players. When a customer decides to start playing, they will have to open an account with the casino to deal with the financial transactions. Once the account is verified, the player will be awarded a Welcome Bonus of an amount ranging from £100 to £600 depending on the casino.

The player can use this bonus to enjoy games free of cost. Some casinos such as Eurogrand take this offer a step further and even award bonuses for the second or third deposit you make in your account and even getting a 10% bonus for every other deposit you make, making sure that you get rewarded every step of the way. Similarly, there is an award for the returning player who faithfully visits the website a certain number of times in the month. For regular gaming, the bonus can go up to as much as £1,000 of free gaming. In addition, even if you are not able to win anything, some casinos will give you a bonus for your efforts. In this manner, no one leaves the site a loser and your chances of hitting the jackpot are still flying high. William Hill, for instance, hosts the Loyalty Bonus where it gives away bonuses every day starting from £2 to £6,000. The player must fill up the designated amount on the bonus bar and you are immediately guaranteed a bonus. Another type of bonus is awarded when you place an aggregate of wagers up to a certain sum such as £6,000. When you have played enough games that your betting total comes up to the specified amount, your account will automatically be credited with a bonus. Again, depending on the casino, the amount awarded can vary. Many other casinos will give a bonus every time a player refers the casino to another gamer. This is the casino’s way of thanking the player for spreading their online reputation and the players get additional game time at no expense to them.

There are various bonuses available on every casino site. It is important to remember not to be swayed simply by the offers. A large number of bonuses does not necessarily ensure gaming quality, it is therefore important to browse the casino’s website thoroughly before registering. Also, be wary of schemes that seem too good to be true because while most online casinos are legitimate businesses, there are some which can be scams.

How to choose an online casino <You should always choose a big (well-known) online casino. If you pick a large online casino that has been around for several years, and has a good reputation, then it should also be a reputable casino with reliable payouts. A bad reputation spreads fast on the Internet, so any casino that scams it's members will get a bad reputation quite quickly. That doesn't mean that smaller casinos are all scams, most of them are ok, but there are a few smaller casinos that may not pay all of your winnings. Some of the largest online casinos are: Find out about different payment options you can have in the on line casino. Visit casino banking page or FAQ and read how you can deposit money. Solid casinos offer usually not less than 5-10 payment options (i.e. Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, Prepaid ATM, check, wire transfer, Firepay, etc). Support and more support!!!

Does casino provide phone support ? 24/7 ? Read "Terms and Conditions" in particular the chapters about cashout and bonuses. Play free casino games before playing for real. Most of casinos offer free games.It's a good idea to start with free casino games just to get used to the games of that particular casino. You will not see any links to free games from casino main page usually, however almost 100% of casinos do offer them. Many online casinos will ask you to open an account first. Like: Registration will take 1-2 minutes (no deposit or any detail information required), but your patience will be rewarded, you will find a lot of free casino games, including Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Cyberstud Poker, many Video Poker games. 

Downloadable casino versus Flash games These days, online casinos usually offer two versions of their casino games: Downloadable casino and a so called "instant play" games. (All casinos are using different terms such as "online games", "flash games, etc.) All Internet casino games are online games, which means you must be connected to the Internet while playing the games. Even if you are using a downloadable version, your computer still must be connected to the central casino server in order to keep track of money that you win or loose. So, what is difference between the two types of casino versions? Both types of games offer from 10 up to 80 casino games. Every game consists of three components: server backend, software permanently located on special computer named casino server and front-end software and a huge graphics file which users have to download from server to their PC to begin to play. When user clicks "play instantly" button on casino website, he/she is asked to choose one of the available online games and then the user will receive casino front-end software. Now, it all depends on your connection speed. If you have a dial-up connection and 56k standard modem, it may take more than 1 minute to upload one game. For high-speed connection the download is almost instantaneous. So, suppose you have a standard 56k modem with dial-up connection and you want to play in City Club casino which offers more than 60 games including 15 video poker games, you will need to download and open one by one 15 games to choose among the video-poker games that you like. So it doesn't look cool. Now if you decide to play using downloadable version. You will be asked to download one large file, which will usually contain all the games. It will automatically install all the games on your computer and everything is ready in split-second. The procedure in this case (with 56k modem) will take around 15-20 minutes. However, now you start playing and switch from one game to another without any delay. Some casinos have more sophisticated downloadable versions of casino games. In this case you download only "Casino lobby software", then choose first game, let's say video poker, and your PC will start downloading all video poker games in a single shot and then you may choose and play any game. So if you don't have fast Internet connection, the downloadable games are a good choice for you.

Downloadable version Advantages:

1. You can try all casino games without waiting for every game to download.

2. When you what to play, you just need to run a program from your desktop.

3. Until recently, downloadable casino offered games with higher quality design and better choice of games then "instant play" casinos.

Now the situation is changing. You can choose any version of big Internet casinos and get a large variety of great games, superb graphics and music. Some people like to play casino games during their lunch at work. Very often they cannot download casino games because of company firewalls. In this case they should go to casinos offering great online games. 

Casino Bonuses Tricks As an incentive for new players, most online casinos offer a cash sign-up bonus. This approach can really boost your win and you should consider taking advantage of it. But unfortunately the world is more complex than it seems and To avoid disappointment in the future, everyone needs to spend few minutes to read "terms and conditions" before clicking on deposit button and get the promised bonus.

  All casinos define conditions that should be satisfied before a player can withdraw the money. Usually, a player must make a certain number of wages before he/she can apply for cash-out. If is somewhat fair to ask a player to make some bets before withdrawing the money, since no one likes to give out money for nothing. Usually, the question becomes, how many times you have to wager that amount. Let's call this number - "Wager Number" from now on.  Let's choose casino where the wager number is between 10 and 25. Here are some examples:  "Roxy Palace Casino" has the best value that we could find so far, which is 9. So if you deposit $100 and get $100 bonus, after that you have to wager on $1800. 

"Royal Dice" is very popular high ranked online casino. It offers to you 150% match bonus up to $100. So, if you deposit $100 you get $250 on casino account balance. Sounds good, BUT before you are be able to withdraw your money you will have to wager $6250 because their wager number is 25 (($100 + $150) * 25). It is ok if you are an experienced player, but if you just want to try online gambling this wager number is too high. It means, you will not be able to take money back and leave right at moment when you decide.

This casino may not be the right for you.  Here is a paragraph from "Terms and Conditions" of City Club Casino. The outstanding part of these conditions is that you can withdraw any amount at any moment, but if you did not wager enough you are risking to loose your winnings. "Please note that in the interests of fair gaming, we require you to have wagered a minimum of 20 (twenty) times your deposit and bonus before cashing out any amount higher than your initial deposit amount, up to $4,000 for each deposit plus bonuses made during the Fantastic Fortune Giveaway time. If you make a withdrawal before wagering 10 (ten) times your deposit and bonus, the bonus money and winnings will be removed from your account."