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The guide to playing online slots will help you learn how to choose the best online casinos for online slots games, the best online slots games that will most compliment your personal playing style and preferences, great winning strategies for online slots games as well as online video poker games, general information on video poker and much more. The guide to playing online slots is designed for all systems and for all users, if you prefer to use Apple Mac computer systems there is a guide just for you. If you love playing online slots then also check out the Slots Tournament section, this particular page is designed to provide information that will help you learn where to get started with online slots tournaments, how to enter slots tournaments online and how you can get free online slots tournament entry.

Benefits of Playing Slots Online Slots
Playing slots online is far more beneficial than playing traditional land based casino slots. Read all about playing online slots here, the advantages as well as why online slots are so great. Slots Guide For Mac Users Mac users can also enjoy the benefits of online slots using Instant Flash technology. This is possible with all popular web browsers. South Africans love online casino games and now they can enjoy the very best Real Time Gaming online casino games in their own currency. Now you do not have to worry about converting anything anymore and you can just concentrate on having fun and making money.
Choosing an Online Casino
Choose the best online casino from our tried and trusted list of verified and recommended online casinos. All of the online casinos that are on the list have been tested thoroughly by our experienced staff.

How to Play Guide
Learn how to play online slots that feature three reels, five reels and even seven reels.

Calculate Online Slots Pay Out Rates
Online slots generally have a high pay out percentage, learn how to calculate every machines pay out rate.

Play Online Slots Tournaments
Online slots tournaments are a great deal of fun and are extremely exciting to get into.

Online Slots Strategy Guide
Slots are really a game of chance and the results are random, however a basic guide to playing the best machines and adopting good playing habits is essential.

Strategy for Slots Tournaments
Playing slots is really about luck but a good tournament strategy will help you to increase your chances of winning.

Strategy for Video Poker
Video poker is quite different to conventional poker so the strategy for winning is quite different as well.

Glossary for Slots
A glossary to slots terminology is especially helpful and useful for beginner and novice slots players.

History of Slots Slot machines have a long history that players may not know about and though knowing the history of game will not necessarily help them win, or give them extra added luck, this can give them the benefit of knowing the origins of the game. Slots history actually begins in San Francisco in the 1800s when the one-armed bandits became very popular. Players would flock to try out these machines and spend countless hours rolling the reels to try and get a big payout. At this point, slots started changing and this is usually credited to a man by the name of Charles Fey. It is said that Fey came up with the first video poker machine and when he couldn’t sell it to the company he worked for, went out looking for new buyers.

For the slots, this meant the introduction of electronic microchips in the 1960s which revolutionized the face of the industry. At this point, slots were still land-based and people would leave their houses, either in full regalia or in their regular clothes for a day’s outing to play the slots. Of course, when the Internet became so popular, the face of slots had to change again and this is why we now have access to so many casinos that give players the chance to play any slots they want to. Evolving of Slots Slots have evolved exponentially since the invention of the one-armed bandit and the fruit machines.

Now, players can choose the number of reels the want to play, the number of pay-lines and even whether they want to play the classic or the progressive slots. All of these considerations are options that players didn’t have access to as little as 20 years ago, and it is really because the slots arena is so innovative that they have these options today. Players who are on the lookout for the next natural progression in slots would do well to keep an eye on the industry, since so many new things are coming out on a daily basis. 7-reel slots for example, have recently been released and players are finding this new game a big hit.

Three-reel slots have been around for such a long time that many players may have already forgotten the first time they ever played one. The reason that these have sustained their level of popularity is because they are so easy to use and understand. What this means for players is that there is no need to worry about what kind of bets to make or too many symbols to follow. The games are easy. Three reel slots actually came to light in 1887, over a century ago when people were still using the fabled one armed bandits. Over the years, these have had to evolve to ensure that they were interesting for people of many different ages and backgrounds and recently, this has meant including these online.

To play, all players need to do is line up their wagers and press the spin button. Because the number of lines and reels are generally dictated, there is very little thinking that happens in these games, and players can play them in the background while watching a movie or indulging in some other activity. These games allow players to just sit back and enjoy themselves, and this is in part, what makes them so popular.

The whole game relies entirely on luck and players do not need to worry about when to bet or how much. People often think that three-reel slots are too boring to even consider but they don’t know that though the games are easy to play and enjoy, they do have some very exciting themes and varied paytables.This makes them very engaging and players will have a great time looking out for symbols they have never seen and rewards they have not claimed. Some of these games are even attached to a bonus in which players can make extra money on the side. Players will have the opportunity to play mini games or look for extra symbols that will put them in the hot seat when it comes to winning. They could win a lot more than they even expected to.

5 Reel Slots 5 reel slots are one of the most popular in any casino, both land-based and online, because they allow those who play them to win a lot of money depending on how many paylines they play. Unlike the traditional three-reel slots that only give players a limited combination of paylines, those who play five-reel games have the chance to bet on at least 100 lines at a time.

There are a lot of people who perceive five reel slots to be more difficult to play and understand than their three-reel counterparts. This is not the case at all, as anyone who has played the games will be able to explain, since these also require the player to just add in their bet and push the button. The biggest difference in these is the number of paylines and seeing the amount of paylines may be intimidating to some players. So how do you play? It’s quite easy. Players need only select their coin denomination when they start. If they want to bet low, they can do so by choosing the lowest bet and not betting on too many paylines. Those who wish to spend more money can also choose a lower coin denomination but bet on all of the paylines.

The machines will usually display exactly what the total amount is that players have bet, and this should give anyone who is new to the game some sense of comfort. Playing a five reel game may seem intimidating because there are so many symbols and so many buttons, but players the world over know how ebenficial sticking to these games can be, and how much more fun they are to play. Those who have bet the maximum and won, will also agree that the five reel experience is much more exciting.

7 REEL SLOTS 7-reel slots may not hold the same place in the hearts of players that other slots do, but this does not mean that they are not worth playing. As so many players have already found out, the seven-reel slots can actually be more exciting than others and can give them some great returns on their money. These games allow players to try out something different, which in a world that is saturated with many slots that all start looking the same, is very valuable. Players who have not tried out these slots will find themselves faced with a game that has seven columns and three rows. These seven columns will dictate the number of paylines and knowing how to play these in a smart way could take players that much closer to the winning combination.

Believe it or not, these games are easier to indulge in than their three-reel or five-reel counterparts as they allow players to win more but are based on the same principles. Players need to make a wager when they play and will be given the chance to play more paylines as they go. They will be able to select those paylines according to what their betting strategy is, or can even select them all by clicking the bet max button. Once they click the spin button, the reels will start to turn as they would with any of the slot games. What happens from that point is up to fate and players will find that if they are lucky, they could get the big win.

So why are more players not indulging in this game? It may be because they simply do not know about it, and players who want to try something new will be happy to hear that there is a new kid on the block. Whether they enjoy the game and want to keep playing it for the foreseeable future is really up to them, but there is no doubt that if you are one of the many who enjoy playing five and three-reel slots, you will love giving it a go on the seven reels.

Progressive Slot Jackpots Winning big at the casino is a dream many people have but this seldom becomes the case for everyone. For those who are willing to try their luck on the progressives, the chances of winning that elusive but enormous pot may be higher, but these are some things they need to know before they get started. The first consideration players need to keep in mind is that progressive jackpots come in many different shapes and sizes. Some, like the individual progressives stand alone and players can only enjoy them one at a time. A linked progressive on the other hand will allow multiple players to enjoy the machines at a time, thus driving up the large jackpot amount.

There are even multi-casino progressives in which the machines are linked between different casinos, usually of the same group or running the same software. These are very popular because there are so many people playing at one time that the amount of money in the jackpot increases exponentially. How to Play Slots Playing the progressives is pretty simple and operates on the same basis as a normal slot machine. Players need to put in their coins and spin the reels. The difference comes in with the amount of coins the players use. A player who hits the correct symbols must have played the maximum number of coins if they wish to get the jackpot. Anyone who has played less than the max will not be in the running for the progressive.

Of course, this is something that players don’t like to do, since it eats through their coins in half the time, but anyone who has played the slots will advise that playing the max is just good slots sense. The progressives can go from 1000 coins to over a million and not all of them have as big a payout as the others. It makes for players who want to indulge to take a look at all of the progressive machines and decide based on the jackpot amount and on the type of game, which they will spend their money on. If they want entertainment and wins, they need to do this.

Bonus Slots Bonus slots are those that are able to offer players the chance to get extra gifts while they are playing. These are not necessarily monetary and players may find that they get bonuses in terms of casino credits or even free spins when they play the slots. These have become increasingly popular in the online casino community and many players now expect them, which means that casinos have had to really bump up their offerings to ensure players stay with them. Bonus Symbols Sometimes players can access these bonuses on the reels, which means that the bonus symbol will come up and give them a gift, as dictated by the game’s rules or the pay-table. Players who are lucky enough to get one or more of these symbols will receive free spins, which allow them to keep spinning until they win, cascades which replace the usual symbols with wild symbols so that players can get closer to a win, or even what is labeled a hold and spin. When players get this feature, the reel will hold on a winning symbol and the other reels will spin to try and get the player closer to a jackpot. Bonus Games Some players can also access scatters when they are playing. These very special symbols allow players to increase the amount that they win when they are triggered. Another great feature includes the bonus games that allow players to move away from the conventional slots screen and play a small game on the side for extra money. These often come in the form of a wheel to spin or a scratch card, but each game will have its own game that has been tailor made to suit it. While some people may be suspicious of bonuses, feeling a though they are going to have to pay for them, others understand the value of these. Essentially, you are getting something you don’t have to pay for, since it is part of the game. These bonuses have become firm favorites in the hearts of slots players and many look out for those casinos that are able to offer them before trying out any other.