Play Gonzo's Quest Slot Machine For Free

Gonzos Slot Machine

Gonzo’s quest is one of NetEnt’s newest video slots. It is set during the conquistadors’ age, incorporating the myth of Golden Eldorado. The myth is about the legendary quest for the place of untold riches and gold within the Yucatan Peninsula of what is now known as Peru. When parts of South America were invaded by the Spanish Conquistadors, most notably Peru, a myth was born around a city of great riches called Eldorado. The myth persisted although the city was never found, and even today it still attracts some treasure seeking expeditions. The game utilizes the traditional format of a video slot, but is quite different from the earlier slot versions that were simply three reel slots. These video slots were developed as computer graphics. However, instead of using the older mechanical methods, the mechanics started to be utilized for controlling game play. While in the real world computer driven mechanisms are used in slot machines, the advent of online gambling meant the beginning of a perfect match between modern software algorithms and slots computer technology. Gonzo’s quest Development Gonzo+QuestNetEnt applied this theme in the development of a modern video slot known as Gonzo’s slot, which is quite graphically rich. The application of modern computer generated imagery techniques enabled a game to be created having faux 3D rendering capabilities, especially with the reel symbol animations. Elaborate programming also made it possible for innovative features to be introduced, such as symbol replacement feature called Free Fall cascading. The computation power found in found in today’s IT age means that it is possible to calculate complex slot symbol combinations on the fly. This technology has been of great benefit to the game. The game’s video slot is governed guided by rules programmed into the software, and calculates payouts automatically on a basis of a predetermined pay table. All this presents a smooth playing and immersive video slot. Gonzo’s Quest Theme Play Gonzo’s Quest and you will see that it is a very state-of-the-art video slot with 20 pay lines and 5 reels. It is characterised by splendid graphics capable of bringing the game to life in manner that is quite satisfying. It creates an experience that takes the gambler to the game’s heart, offering hours of exciting and absorbing slots play time. The game has a mythical adventure theme whereby the big quest is gold discovery. On this slot, the gold is in the form of very high payouts. It involves a classic golden Eldorado theme, which is set in the Conquistadors’ age. This gives the game an element of real world history. A lush backdrop is provided by the Yucatan jungle, with a soundtrack of jungle creatures enhancing the atmosphere. In the slot, there is a fair amount of animation that goes a long way in creating an experience that is very entertaining. In addition, 3D simulation is applied in the animation of the symbols in the slot. Most of the Gonzo’s Quest reel symbols are inspired by the Yucatan and Mayan culture. These are pleasing to the eyes due to their beautiful rendering.

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