Summary: Online roulette is a very exciting game to play. Remember to learn the right tricks of the game to play better. Good sites offer some brilliant tips on this game. Choose a good and intuitive site and remain safe when you dispense with cash. There are some fantastic sites out there that offer online roulette for free to play. You can play with or without cash. By whichever mode, this is one sure exciting game. These sites offer a blow by blow account of how to play the game, if you are a novice. Thus, you can start from scratch. Your game also improves with practice. After getting the preliminary lessons, make sure to try your hand at some games before you move on to more advanced tips. Games are quite easy to play on any computing device. They also don’t require any advanced setups. You have a computer and you are good to go. This is a simple guessing game wherein you guess where the marble is going to fall on the spinning wheel. It is that simple. You don’t need Einstein’s brain to master the basics. But as you go higher up, there are some tricks which you need to master. Even if you are a seasoned hand, they teach you some tricks of the trade. Seasoned players need to keep in mind that this is a challenging game and as such slick tricks can keep you abreast of the competition. Sites like YouTube also offer video lessons of this game. It all boils down to a numbers game. Chances, chances and chances – this is the magic word. You need to master the probability of you getting the number or color right. It might sound easy, but anyone who has spent time at a roulette wheel knows it is not that easy as it sounds. First learn how to place bets Sites offer quick tips on the different numbers and their chances of pay-offs. One big tip is; it is not necessary to place only a single bet for each spin. You can make several. You can also continue to make guesses as long as the ball is still spinning. When the ball is about to drop, the dealer will waive his hand. This signals that you cannot make guesses anymore. Another big tip is not to reach for your winnings till the marker is removed by the dealer. This is a mistake made by many first time players who get overly excited at their winning stance. Always keep in mind, the chances are always open for any color or number at any point of time. There is absolutely no certainty. This is a very important tip to remember. You might have seen black coming up ten times over. But this doesn’t mean red will surely come up next. This holds good for numbers also. This is big fallacy carried over by many gamblers. So bottom line is, don’t base your next bet on your past numbers or colors, simple. Also know what is a house edge? On an American roulette wheel, there are 38 slots. 1 to 36 numbers and 0 and 00. So your chance of hitting a particular number is 37 to 1 i.e. 37 ways to lose and one way to win. But casino doesn’t pay you 37 to 1 but rather 35 to 1. This means you are paid 2/38 or 5.26% less than the true odds. Don’t get into a fracas with the casino owner without knowing this fact. Remember to go to sites that are safe and secure. In case you are handling in cash, look for sites with excellent payment gateways. The bigger the site, the better the player experience will be. This is because they will have a very good layout or usability factor. Due to the large number of gambling sites on the web, you have plenty of choices to play online roulette.