Mega Moolah Online Progressive Slots

Super Moolah, set somewhere down in the African shrubbery, is a most astounding dynamic online space machine. It highlights not one, but rather four dynamic big stakes. What's more, you could be qualified to win any of them.

The Mega Moolah Online Slots Game

The Mega Moolah online openings amusement begins with a splendid motion picture of the African savannah. With winged creatures twittering overhead, and the sun setting out of sight, the lion and the monkey show up with "uber moolah," that is, a vast pack of money. This is certain to make you grin and to get you in the temperament to win some super moolah yourself.

The lion and the monkey are to be sure the stars of the Mega Moolah online space machine. The lion is a wild image and a multiplier; he can substitute for any image to make a triumphant openings blend, and he duplicates the general winning payouts. The monkey is the dissipate image — at least two monkeys scattered anyplace on the five-reel opening machine will make you a champ, while at least three monkeys will likewise grant you 15 free twists with all payouts tripled.

Joining the lion and the monkey are the elephant, the wild ox, the giraffe, the zebra, and the kudu. (The kudu, incidentally, is an extensive African pronghorn with winding horns.) They can all make winning spaces blends, and they all add to the topic and the great fun of this online opening amusement.

The Progressive Jackpot Bonus Game

The most energizing a portion of playing Mega Moolah online dynamic openings is the opportunity to play the Progressive Jackpot reward amusement.

The Progressive Jackpot reward amusement is totally arbitrary. You don't have to turn a specific mix of space machine images to enact it. Furthermore, dissimilar to most other dynamic online spaces amusements, you don't need to wager the maximum measure of coins to be qualified. You simply should play Mega Moolah spaces online for genuine cash (not for practice play) and to get fortunate, and the Progressive Jackpot reward diversion will enact independent from anyone else aimlessly interims.

The Progressive Jackpot reward diversion comprises of a wheel separated into fragments. The white sections include a lion's impression and symbolize the Mega big stake. The yellow fragments include an elephant's impression and symbolize the Major bonanza. The orange portions, with a giraffe's print, are for the Minor bonanza, and the red fragments with a zebra's impression are for the Mini big stake.

To play the Progressive Jackpot reward diversion, you simply tap the Spin catch to get the reward wheel turning. When it stops, the bolt will indicate one portion of the wheel, and you win the Progressive Jackpot connected with that section.

The Biggest Progressive Slots Jackpot in History

On 9 May 2009, Georgios M. of Greece won a Mega bonanza of €6,374,434 playing Mega Moolah online dynamic openings. That is the greatest big stake in opening machine history at any online gambling club or land-based clubhouse. There is really no space machine like the Mega Moolah opening machine. What's more, winning the Mega Moolah dynamic big stake is dissimilar to winning at spaces anyplace else.

Keep in mind, the Mega big stake in Mega Moolah begins at least 1 million credits and it develops from that point each time somebody plays Mega Moolah at any Microgaming on the web gambling club. So regardless of the possibility that the Mega bonanza doesn't achieve the level that Georgios M. achieved, you could at present win 1 million or more dollars, pounds, or Euros on one fortunate turn.