Put your new craps knowledge and craps strategy into practice by trying an online casino.  Whether you prefer to play craps online or at a live casino, you  should practice making craps bets for small amounts and get thoroughly familiar with the craps strategy that you favor most.

 If you can't decide which online  casino to try first, then sample several and pick the one that provides the best casino bonus and offers a low minimum craps betting amount.  Start with a  small craps bet until you fully understand the game.  Then, you can progress to making bigger craps bets while ensuring you follow the proper craps rules.

  You truly learn craps by playing it; however, you must first read the craps how-to information in the lessons below to get a good understanding of the game 
theory and actual game play.  Craps is so much fun; you'll love it whether you play at one of your favorite online casinos or a live casino. Playing casino craps online can be as fun, exciting, and satisfying as playing in traditional live casinos.  The key is finding a good online casino that best suits  your needs.

 No Depositonline casinos" and you'll find many choices.

 Visit several, browse what they have to offer, check out their graphics and  game selection, and make sure they offer low craps betting amounts.  If you don't know where to start, Google "online casino reviews" and you'll find sites  that provide a summary of information about various online casinos.  They provide reviews, analysis, and ratings for many casinos online.  Many also provide  craps how-to tips that might supplement the knowledge you’ll gain by reading the lessons below.

Craps Tips and Strategy

Craps is a very fast-paced (i.e. dangerous) game wherein you can win LOTS of chips quickly and then lose it all on the next roll. Many people love to watch the excitement around the Craps table but shy away from betting because of Craps intimidating set of rules and bet types.

However, it is quite fun once you get the hang of it; and it can be a very lucrative game if a sound strategy for money management is followed. Craps is one of the few casino games where you can actually "buy" down the house odds, and this technique can really play to your advantage.

Most gamblers that lose quickly at Craps do so because they do not fully understand the gameplay or their ability to even the odds a bit.

First of all: Remember that in craps there are no guaranteed systems. It is still a game of chance, but the odds can be bought down a bit and isn't so based on luck as most other casino games. Of course, bad strokes of luck (i.e. repeatedly placing bets, doubling bets, rolling 7) can still occur.

Here are a few tips that will help you win consistently:

Learn the rules of gameplay: This seems obvious, but many people just throw bets out and lose. One of the biggest misconceptions about Craps is that each roll is independent. In fact, Craps is a series of rolls that starts when certain numbers are rolled and ends whenever a 7 is rolled.

Progression and Regression: increasing and decreasing your wagers at a fixed rate. Often, you start with bets twice the table minimum, 2x, follow with x, then work back up to 2x, or higher, as you win. Progressive/regressive betting is the player's only hope of conserving winnings and beating the “house” in the long run. If you bet flat (the same each time), you will always lose.

Ensure enough rounds of gameplay: Play only at tables you can afford. You should be able to cover at least 25 to 30 bets, so don't sit at a $5 table with less than $125. This is your only protection against inevitable cold streaks.

Although it is not possible to have an advantage over the house, it is possible to hedge your bets with good odds bets --such as playing 6's and 8's to cover losses on the "Craps" bets. Hitting the "Craps" bets payout big enough to get you ahead in the game.

Winning consistently is easy to understand once you know why people loose consistently. Casinos strive basically on four types of players:

1) Players with unrealistic winning goals.
2) Players who rely strictly on luck.
3) Players with little (or no) discipline.
4) Players who play not to lose.

If you play smart, hedge your bets, bet progressively/regressively, and know when you're pushing your luck; then you'll most likely come out ahead over the long-term.

I tend to bet small and start small (usually $300 when playing for real money) and I usually cash out when I have tripled my money. Of course, I also sometimes lose first and I usually cash out when I get down to $50-$100.

One time I wanted to take a chance (the heart and soul of gambling... haha), and I started off with $4,000 and cashed out with $10,000 about 4 hours later! Naturally, when I played again later; I lost about $2,000 of it; but what's the fun in risk if we can't take a few losses. ;)

Here are some ways of winning consistently:

1) Having a solid game plan.
2) Effective money management.
3) Having the discipline and confidence.