Rainbow Riches Free Play

Rainbow Riches Free Play Slot Machine Available Below!!

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 Rainbow Riches Free Play 

rainbow riches free play

Created by Barcrest who have made the majority of pub slot machines in and around theUK.Rainbow Riches was originally a physical slot machine this was until they released the rainbow riches that we know today a five reeled multi winning line video slot that has captured the UK online and offline market by storm. Rainbow Riches was the first and has now set the standard for slot machines with in the UK and because of this has become the most popular slot machine around.

Due to its popularity any online casino who is worth playing at has got the Rainbow Riches game available on either their casino tab or their slot tab. So we thought we would compile an easy to navigate list of the best available bonuses on the net so you can make the most of your money like no deposit casino bonusor welcome bonus !

Rainbow riches works over five reels using different symbols that need to line up in order for a player to win e.g. the Rainbow riches logo, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace and the Rainbow Riches logo it self as well as many others. These symbols have been used in the game as there is a sense of familiarity among'st bettors across the UK and it makes the game easier to understand.

While playing Rainbow Riches you will occasionally get access to the various in game bonuses this is a real time to make some serious money.

One of the main reasons why the game uses easy to recognise symbols is so that even new players can pick the game up in a short amount of time and get winning some money. It also allows players to try and implement their own strategies in order to win big!

Rainbow Riches features 20 win lines across every spin. This means that this slot offers players the opportunity to win big prize money. The win-line patterns are described to players in the beginning of the game but players do not need as t game highlights all potential winning lines for them to remember too much. This provides players the freedom without needing to worry about browsing controls to check the winning lines of playing the game.

With over 20 win lines on every spin Rainbow Riches really does pay out some high amount of prize money and its pretty often to. These win lines are explained at the very beginning of the game but when ever you win the computer high lights what and how much you’ve won so there is no need to try and remember. This adds to the ease of use for new players.

With three different in slot bonuses available to the player Rainbow Riches really does have a wide variety of mini games including Road to Riches, Wishing Well and Pots Of Gold. If you manage to get one of these then you’re in luck as you will definitely win BIG!

As soon as you line up at last 3 of the same symbols in a row you will win money, how much though all depends on the type of symbol it is. If you hit 5 then you’ll definitely win lots of money no matter which symbol there is.

Barcrest have once again managed to create a truly satisfying slot game which has grown in popularity year after year and is still the players choice of slot. Experiencing a massive increase in popularity once it went online its available in almost every mainstream casino, check out our list if you want to see where is best to play.

How To Play

Read our in-depth guide if you’re stuck or need any help with how to play Rainbow Riches.

Choosing your stake

Rainbow Riches has a total 20 win lines. In which you can bet all the way from 1p up to £20 on each win line.

Click the stake plus and minus buttons in order to increase or decrease the amount of money you want to bet on each line.
Click the Lines ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to select the number of lines you wish to play.

Then click either the plus or minus buttons on the lines section in order to increase or decrease the amount of lines that you would like to bet on.

Finally click spin to start your game.

There is also an auto spin feature available for those that just want to leave Rainbow Riches spinning until something occurs that requires manual intervention from the player. You can pick the amount of spins you would like it to spin for on its own and then press on auto spin to begin. Should you wish to cancel this before it finishes all the spins then just click on the stop button and it will cancel this.

Road to Riches Bonus

In order to trigger the Road to Riches bonus you need to match between three and five leprechaun bonus symbols in normal mode to play this bonus round. Click the start button to get the wheel spinning and watch as your winnings multiply as you advance further up the road.  If you land on the collect step then you will get what ever you staked multiplied by a certain multiplier bonus.

Wishing Well Bonus

The wishing well bonus round is initiated by getting 3 – 5 wishing well symbols in one view. All you have to do is pick one of the wells available on your screen and it will reveal a winning multiplier that will multiply the amount of money you have staked in that round.


Pots of Gold Bonus

In order to start the pots of gold bonus round you need to line up 3 pots of gold symbols anywhere with in the middle 3 reels. Once initiated the wheel will spin and stop on either a bronze, silver or gold pot. With each pot having a different multiplier that will multiply the total stake put in.

Rainbow Riches

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